November 12, 2010

We've moved!

We're happy to announce the launching of our new website. One of the features of our new website will be a new space to showcase our Fairytail Endings as well as additional features in our virtual Adoption Center.

Please visit our new website and let us know what you think!

October 29, 2010

He would do anything love!

Also known as “Loveloaf,” “Meatie,” and “Little Man,” meet Meatloaf – a 1.5 year-old Terrier mix who came into our program as scared and sensitive as they come. After a few weeks of socializing with staff, polishing up his confidence with playgroups, and sharing some much deserved park time, Meatie is finally ready to find his forever-home.

A timid boy at first, Meatloaf is looking for a gentle, patient owner with dog experience to help him out of his shell. He would benefit from another tolerant, mellow dog or cat friend as a playmate, however if you have a warm lap and a bit of chicken, “he would do anything love”!

Meet your Meatloaf today!

October 22, 2010

Meet Sweet-and-Sassy Cassie!

Mama Cass is one hot ticket! In addition to her shockingly sweet personality, Cassie’s the product of some fabulous genetics – likely of Ragdoll or Birman heritage – that resulted in her rare, blue tortie point coloration.

Arriving at Pets Unlimited with her sister Lilly, Cassie had no love lost during her transition from housecat to shelter cat, immediately soliciting affection from everyone in sight. Though she may not want pets ALL the time, she’s good at politely walking away instead of being fractious.

Cassie’s ideal home is one where she can be the only pet and where the household members teenaged and older love to practice their hairstyling skills!

Come find out what makes Mama Cass such a rockstar!

October 15, 2010

Make Some Music with Amadeus!

This handsome gent hails from Oakland Animal Services. Found as a stray hit by a car, Amadeus was in desperate need of medical care and a new lease on life.

A charming Schnauzer 3 years-young, Amadeus is looking for a home that includes lots of snuggles and playtime with his owners. And while he is practically perfect in every way, Amadeus prefers the company of people (even older kids!) to other furry creatures.

A good boy with much to offer, he hopes regular grooming, lots of low-key neighborhood walks, and plenty of movie nights on the sofa are in his near-future. If you’re ready to be rocked, meet Amadeus today!

October 7, 2010

Did you know that a cat can be awesome to the MAX?

Max is one such cat who will shower you with maximum amounts of love and affection. Whether you’re looking for your first feline love connection or already super fluent in Cat, Max is for you!

Attentive and personable, Max would love to hang out with you, and can even make friends with dogs and other cats. He’s both the life of the party and a quiet confidante. Play games with him or settle down for tons of pets – Max will love you right back in return!

A super loving forever home is all that Max needs…so rev up your engines, put the peddle to the meddle, and drive your love up to the Max!